Scholarly Research

We are learning some new tools this week, tools that will help with researching and citing sources. The BSU Albertson’s Library is one. I’m happy that we are putting that resource to work. I have often seen that link and wondered just how I might use it. This should be interesting, and very helpful.

We’re also using Google Scholar. I had never heard of that before, but, then, I haven’t done a lot of scholarly work lately. I can see that the search results from Google Scholar and those from Albertson’s Library match in some cases. It appears that the Albertson’s Library search results will be a subset of the Google Scholar search results. The “Find it at Boise State” link is helpful and pretty cool. This looks like a very useful new tool!

Gooru also appears to be extremely useful. Citing sources is time consuming for me because I am not used to following the APA guidelines. Gooru (research within Google Docs) brings it all together, and it is easy to find the choice for APA rules, as opposed to MLA.

Finally, Zotero is yetzotero one more tool for scholarly research. I downloaded the Firefox extension instead of the standalone program. I saved a couple of documents/sources to my Zotero folder. That was easy to save, now I have to determine how to use it. I’m sure when I tackle the next assignment the use will become crystal clear.

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