EDTECH research: Digital technology in the music classroom

musicYou may be able to tell from the title capitalization (or lack thereof) that much of what is covered by the APA guidelines is taking all of my attention.  These guidelines, while very useful, are definitely a challenge for me to follow!

I enjoyed doing the research for this assignment.  Music is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my love for music with my students.  It means a lot to me when alumni visit and tell me how much they still appreciate music.  Finding a way to integrate technology into the music classroom and band rehearsal is a goal I have had for some time, but I’ve not had the time to do the research.

This project took care of that time crunch.  Now that I see how to incorporate digital technology into my music classes, I only need to write a grant to get the hardware and software in place.  The software is mostly free, so that will be relatively easy.

The hardest part of this assignment for me was in coming up with a topic for which there was sufficient research.  By sufficient, I mean something that returned fewer than 100,000 articles, but more than 9. (Both example numbers did turn up on some of my searches.)  Additionally, I was only interested in articles that would actually help me in my class situation.  So, I didn’t include anything in the bibliography that was less than applicable.  I suppose if I were writing a thesis that I would include many more sources, even the marginally applicable studies.

You can read my annotated bibliography here.

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