School Evaluation Summary: Anytown Private School

evaluationgraphicAnytown Private School (APS) has been in existence for 35+ years. For ten of those years, we have had a rolling technology plan, evaluating and reassessing technological growth from year to year.  Has that planning served APS students well?  Or is it all for naught?  I compared the behaviors, resources, and infrastructure found in APS with those in the Maturity Model Benchmarks (Sibley & Kimball, 1996) to get a handle on where APS fits in the maturity model.

The results were very interesting to me.  While I have always known that APS has a good deal of technology available, especially when compared to other area schools, I didn’t realize that we were doing well in so many areas.  There were some areas in which we came out as Emergent, but many more were Intelligent.  Overall, I have chosen Integrated as the level of technological maturity for APS.  The Evaluation Summary spells out the reasoning for that choice.

Completing the School Evaluation Survey was very enlightening for me.  The survey required me to look at all aspects of the technology resources, infrastructure, and behavior present at APS.  Doing so brought some things to light that I hadn’t thought of previously.  It also shed some light on why APS still ranks as Emergent on some of the criteria.  The most beneficial outcome of completing this survey is that I now have a comprehensive picture of where we are compared to where we need to be.  Before completing the survey I had always noticed and focused on some areas, areas that were important to me.  Now I have taken note of all areas, and we fared better than I thought we might.

You can read the School Evaluation Summary and the School Evaluation Survey at the links below.  Doing so may provide some insight into APS.  More importantly, it may provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at your own school.  Personally, I always enjoy seeing what is happening at other schools and learning from what works (and doesn’t work) for them.

School Evaluation Summary

School Evaluation Survey

I have selected several AECT Standards as categories for this post.  However, it is actually possible to select pretty much every standard.  This survey is comprehensive, covering all aspects of technology use at APS.  From using (students and faculty) to managing (administration, policies, infrastructure, and scheduling) to creating (curricular development), all things technology have been addressed.  Is this, then, an exhaustive summary for APS?  Not by a long shot.  It is a start.  If APS follows the recommendations provided in the summary (linked above), starting with the research and continuing with drafting policy, the adventure will just be getting going!

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