1965 Memory Lane: Fifty years of educational technology

In my classes at BSU we have had several conversations regarding educational technology and what it is.  So, just for fun, I put a brief history together of what educational technology has been during the last fifty years.  I am proud to say that I have been fortunate enough to use all but one of the featured items – the smart watch.

Creating this image map was another adventure.  Thinglink is very easy to use, but it still requires planning and an artistic bent.  Or an existing image.  The game board background image is bare bones.  I would liked to have used something fancier, but my artistic “bent” is mostly straight.  Hopefully I can learn some new tricks when I take Graphic Design for Learning next year.

Click the image link below.  It will take you to an image map that I made on Thinglink.com.  Once you are at the image map, mouse over a circle to view the technology and comment.  Enjoy your trip down memory lane!1965memorylane


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