Android Apps Review

AndroidRobotPOVRayAs a network administrator, I get to use a variety of PCs, iPads, iPods, Surfaces…you name it.  Except for Android.  I have had access to a Motorola Zoom for a few years, but the number of useful apps was never worth pulling it out of the drawer.  Until now.

This exercise forced me to take a look at what is happening with Android apps today, and I am impressed.  I reviewed several of each category – games, educational, productivity,  communication – and settled on four to include in the report.

  • Flow Free
  • Gmail for Android
  • Skitch
  • Bible for Kids

I look forward to going back to Google Play and searching through the myriad of apps that are now available.

I decided to use a Google Slides presentation for the review, as well as a Google Docs document.  The document makes it easier to read the full text, but the presentation provides a quick-and-dirty view of each app.  The full text is included in the speaker’s notes of the presentation for the reader’s convenience.

Getting screen shots for each app was an adventure in and of itself.  For the Zoom, one needs to press the Volume Down button and the Power button simultaneously.  This makes for an interesting hand position, since both controls are on the top right of the device – volume on the side and power on the back.  The result, though, is very helpful.  As a trainer of teachers I often need to use screen shots for training documentation, and it is good to know I can get screen shots from the Zoom.

Click on the links below to view each report format.

Google Docs | Google Slide Show | Google Presentation

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