Hello Purr App Variations

DUNiceKittyScreenshotMy first app was the Hello, Purr app.  It is a modification of the Hello, World application that has been used to start budding programmers for decades.  The class textbook and instructor encouraged us to add our own variations and modifications to the app.  I came up with Nice Kitty.

Nice Kitty was okay, but I couldn’t resist playing with it some more.  So, I have made several changes to the app.   Here is a list of the updates.

* changed the app icon to match the lion’s photo

* added a Stop Roaring button to stop the lion in mid-roar – When pressed, it should return everything to “normal”

* added a Nap Time button so the poor fella can get a little rest – When pressed it plays a song clip (“Lion Sleeps Tonight”, of course) and changes the photo

* changed some of the duplicate code into a procedure, then called the procedure – I was particularly impressed at how easy this was, and how easy it makes fixing bugs!

* fixed the bugs that came up in developing v 2.0 (that was a fun option in and of itself…changing the version #) – If the lion was napping and you tapped the picture, the lion roared, but nothing else changed.  That was an error I hadn’t anticipated, and it took some If-Then blocks to fix.  Again, I was impressed at how easy it was to add If-Then blocks.

I’m guessing that some of you readers will find another way to crash the app.  That’s the fun part of app testing, after all.  If you do, please let me know.  Maybe I can play with making a version 2.1. This has definitely been a fun process!

DUNiceKittyAlso, I used a clock to change the photos back to the “normal” photo of the lion sitting there.  I’m guessing there is a more efficient and reliable way to do this.  In case any of you have ideas, I’ve shared the aia file at this link.  It comes up with a list of files/folders in the browser if you just open the link.  Download it instead of opening it.  Then in App Inventor 2, click on Projects>Import aia from my computer and browse to the downloaded file.  (I’ve never imported an aia file before, so I hope this is how it works.)

As an aside, QR Code Monkey provides the option of adding a logo (like the www in this one).  I like that because there have been times when I have wondered what my QR code reader was going to open (app, email, site).  This gives a little hint, anyway.  When I resized it (using MS Paint) to 225X225, my QR code reader took a bit to focus.  I changed it to 250X250 and it read it more quickly.  I don’t know if that was due to the size of the code, or how I was holding the tablet.  But I think I’ll stick with 250, just in case.

One thought on “Hello Purr App Variations

  1. As I work my way through EDTECH 534, I learn new tricks that I want to apply to the first apps I made. In this case, I addressed several bugs as well as enhancements suggested by classmates.
    * The lion roars longer now, until the user asks it to stop.
    * The text in the top label changes according to what the lion is doing – napping, roaring, sitting.
    * The nap time song plays as it should. Originally, it was cut off way too soon. I found out that is because I was using a “sound” component instead of the “player”. When I switched it to “player”, the whole clip plays, providing a more enjoyable section of the song. (By the way, this clip is used under the creative commons license.)
    * If the lion is napping and is tapped or shaken, the roar starts and the napping song/buttons stop. Before, the buttons could be tapped at any time and crash the app.
    If you want to try out the new version, visit https://goo.gl/sCm6xF on your device. (Sorry, but I don’t know how to add a QR code image in the comment.)


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