Presidents Quiz Variations

beethovenBuilding the Presidents Quiz was pretty straightforward. All of the instructions in the textbook are clear. It just takes some work to get all of the lists in place and working together. I changed this to a Composer’s Quiz. This brought some new challenges, some of which were easier to meet than others. Coming up with questions and answers that fit the format of the original app was the first challenge. I wanted to have song samples play, or even the whole song, but I couldn’t get it to work. The Sound component worked, but it only played a few seconds. I tried a Player component, but I wasn’t sure how to get the blocks to work. I even tried a Webviewer, opening an MP3 file in the cloud. Still no luck.

Here are some of the other customizations I added to the Composers Quiz app.

  • The composer’s image is part of the background to buy more screen real estate, and to help alleviate the keyboard-covering-components issue.
  • Just in case the keyboard still covers any components, I added a “hide keyboard block” to the Submit button actions so the user can see the label.
  • When the answer is submitted, the text box is cleared and ready for the next answer.
  • When the answer is correct, the right/wrong label indicates that, and the next button is available.
  • When the answer is incorrect, the right/wrong label indicates that, too, but the next button is not available.
  • I used an upcase block (from the text drawer) so the user can get the correct answer even without capitalizing the composer’s name.DUComposers

Had I had more time I would liked to have added links to the complete songs referenced in the questions. I also would have cleaned up the interface and added a lot more composers to the quiz.

Update – I finally found a way to link the app to sound files stored in the cloud, This made it possible to play the whole symphony within the app, a very nice feature. It still isn’t pretty, especially with the new play button, but it works! I also added a ding for right answers and a buzzer for wrong answers.DUComposersQuiz2

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