The Internet for Educators
Course Syllabus

This was the first class I took as part of the M.E.T. program at Boise State University.  It was a wonderful class!  There are so many things involved in designing a quality web site.  Lora Evanouski did a fantastic job of teaching the class and leading us through learning Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

My class mates designed a lot of top notch educational sites.  So many, in fact, that I asked if I could share them in a personal learning network.  The PLN site is also housed on the edtech2 server.  Take your classes to the site.  Any and every imaginable topic is represented in this collection of web pages and sites.

There was a wide variety of topics that we researched before building sites for this class.  I have them listed below in the order that we covered them in class.  It makes for a very interesting view of the progress I made in web page design over the course of the summer.  Each successive page gets a new feature or a little bit fancier than the last.  I appreciate seeing the changes in the designs, especially since I remember those changes and the code to make them happen.  Learning is such fun!

Netiquette:  Online rules of etiquette

Web Accessibility:  Surfing for all

Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom

Building an Interactive Concept Map

Jigsaw Internet Search Activity

Mobile Learning (m-Learning)

Default Home Page:  Putting CSS to work

Virtual Field Trip

Web Quest

BSU 502 Personal Learning Network (pages from many of my classmates to you and your students)

Class Reflection:  Learning log blog post