Introduction to Educational Technology
Course Syllabus

Anthony Saba does a tremendous job of preparing students for the work that is ahead of us.  We will need to write numerous papers for our M.E.T. classes, and those papers will need to be in the correct format.  EDTECH 501 gives us the opportunity to practice writing and formatting papers according to the APA guidelines.  The APA guidelines are not easy for me to grasp, but Mr. Saba is very helpful.

There are several papers and shows prepared for this class.  Most of them involved a blog post, and all of those posts are linked below.  The artifacts are primarily hosted on Google Drive.  You can reach them by the links below or directly from within the blog posts themselves.

Building a Solid Foundation (Class Reflection)  Blog post

Definition of Educational Technology  Blog post | Thinglink Graphic

Digital Divide and Digital Inequality in South Texas  Blog post | Slide show | Document

Digital Technology in the Music Classroom (annotated bibliography) Blog post | Document

Educational Technology Integration:  How much is too much?  Blog post | Document

Evaluation Summary:  Anytown Private School  Blog post | School Summary-document | School Survey-spreadsheet

Google+ Posts Link Google+ was a big part of the work in this class.  In addition to posting our own artifacts and receiving feedback from classmates, we also posted feedback on our peers’ artifacts.  This made for a well-rounded look at educational technology since others chose topics we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen.

Rethinking the Roles of Teachers:  How technology has changed the face of education  Blog post | Slide show | Document | Tech Tools Game

RSS in the Classroom  Blog post | Document