Instructional Design
Course Syllabus

Dr. Aprille Black has taught us well. We now know how to design a lesson from start to finish. As they say in the course description and syllabus, instructional design is more than lesson planning. It is a lengthy process that involves several stakeholders. It begins with the dream – the goal of the instruction. And it isn’t finished until the materials and learning have all been evaluated. Actually, it never finishes. It is more of a cycle.  Preferably a continuously improving cycle. Evaluation leads to reworking and reteaching, which leads to further evaluation, and so on.

Most of the work for this class is housed on my Google Drive. To make the files easily accessible, I have included the links below. There is a great deal more to this class, though, and it happens in Moodle and VoiceThread. The conversations regarding the reading are very enlightening and thought-provoking.  This social networking component of the class provides a great way to interact with classmates, making for a less virtual and more real learning environment.

Communicating Effectively Using Google Slides This is the semester-long Instructional Design project.  I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this project, and I look forward to putting it to work with my colleagues.  For more information on the project, check out the blog post about it.

Instructional Design Job Description  Document

Instructional Design Report One  Word File

Moodle Discussion Digest PDF file Participating in class discussions was a big part of the work for EDTECH 503.  Ostensibly these discussions were about the readings from the two texts, but they went in many different directions at times.  All in all, being a part of these discussions was very beneficial.  In order to have a record of the replies I got from classmates, I compiled the conversations that involved me directly.  They are all posted in this Moodle Discussion Digest.

Organized Learning (Class Reflection) Blog post