Mobile Apps Design for Teaching and Learning
Course Syllabus

During EDTECH 534 I created several Android apps using the App Inventor 2 programming tool. This was a particularly interesting class because I have always wanted to design an app for education.

Designing a game or app requires collaboration to build a game that is usable, effective and efficient for learners. Each of us who took the class provided input and dialog to the others about parts of our apps that worked and parts that didn’t work. It was easy to see that some features I built which seemed obvious to me were not at all clear to others who tested my apps. This collaboration proved very helpful in designing and building apps like the Capital Cities-US app I designed that is now on the Google Play store and Amazon Underground.

I also developed Maestro, Please to reinforce music skills learned at the elementary level. One game I developed just for fun was the Wac-a-Goal game, which is similar to the popular Whack-a-Mole, but with a soccer theme. Without the collaboration, the resulting apps would be noticeably less effective, both in educational and entertainment value.

One of the first artifacts I built was a review of several Android apps that are already on the Play Store. This exercise proved useful in finding the types of apps that people want to buy and use. You can find the results of these app reviews here. slide show | presentation