HomeYour students will love using their knowledge of US states and capitals to earn their way into the Hall of Fame.  Students can choose from two skill levels in this fun game.  Level one displays a state’s geographical shape and name. The student must choose that state’s capital city by selecting from the four city names provided.   Level two displays only a state’s geographical shape.  In both skill levels, students earn 20 points for each correct answer.  Each game is timed.  As soon as a student has 10 correct answers, “timing” bonus points begin to accumulate.  The faster a game is completed, the higher the bonus point accumulation.  A final celebration awaits at the end of a winning game (700 points) when patriotic music begins to play!

Play to learn, win, and march to some toe-tapping music!

●    This game is designed to help students identify the correct capital city name for each state.
●    If a student misses a question, the correct answer pops up to provide the student with immediate feedback.
Level1●    At the end of each game, the student is shown all of their answers – right and wrong – as an opportunity for review/ reinforcement.
●    The game is geared towards middle school students, but any age can learn while having fun playing.
●    State map colors indicate the region of the United States. For example, brown indicates a state is in the southwest US.
●    Bonus feature – The top ten scores will be listed in the Hall of Fame.
●    Another bonus feature – The song selections include well-known tunes, such as “The Stars and Stripes Forever”.  The music comes from recordings by official United States military bands.
●    No ads!  The goal of this game is to help students learn their states and capitals.  Since it is geared towards students, there are no ads and no in-app purchases.  Students simply enjoy playing and learning!

The app does use your device’s Internet connection to play the final celebration marches. Each march is played by an official United States military band. The marches are hosted on their web sites. This is the only use of the Internet for this app. There is no other connection needed to play the game. Your information is not collected for any reason in this app. Even the Hall of Fame is kept on your device for your safety.

This app is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store by B an’ D Apps.