Children will enjoy playing the soccer-themed Whack-a-Goal.  Parents will enjoy the safety of the ad-free game environment.  Whack-a-Goal is played like the whack-a-mole arcade game.  Players strive to “hit” the soccer ball as often as possible to score “goals”.  The game can be played at a variety of player-controlled speeds that compliment everyone from a novice to an expert.

  • There are no ads at all, so there is no chance that your child will make an in-app purchase or view unwanted ads.
  • A hit = a point for the player. A miss = a point for your opponent, the “world”.
  • Each game is timed at 30 seconds.
  • The Top 5 scores are tracked in the Hall of Fame.
  • It is an offline game. Your child can play this game anywhere and not use data minutes.
  • You can turn the sound on and off.


Also available: Capitals US

Learn the capital cities of every state in the U.S. by playing this fun game.  It is also ad-free.  Just fun and educational.  Search for Capitals-US at the Google Play Store and on Amazon Underground.